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Dresser, WI Brake Repair

Dresser Brake Repair | Jones Automotive

Jones Automotive in the Dresser, Osceola, Taylor Falls, and St. Croix Falls, WI area, is here to make sure your vehicle’s brake system is running smoothly and safely. Faulty or worn out brakes can cause trouble on the road. A car's brake system must run comfortably from the pedal to the brake pads and everywhere else in between. If you’re noticing that your foot pedal appears soft when braking or you hear a grating or high-pitched noise, you may need a brake repair service.

If it takes additional effort for the brakes to catch or the pedal reaches the floor, your vehicle could be low on brake fluid or you may have a leak within the system.

If your brakes grind or squeal as you attempt to stop, it’s possible that you need new brake pads or rotors. Worn out pads can also cause your vehicle to veer off to one side as you brake.

In the event that your dashboard brake warning light comes on with no obvious brake problems, bring your vehicle to Jones Automotive, your Dresser, Osceola, St. Croix Falls, and Taylors Falls brake service and repair shop, to get it checked out. There may be an issue within the braking system that hasn't physically shown yet. A simple brake repair now is better than a costly vehicle replacement later down the road.