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Car Care Tips

We know you have a busy life and having your car in the repair shop is never convenient. While the folks at Jones Automotive are happy to help you with your Dresser auto repair needs, we also want you to keep your vehicle on the road as long as possible!

Our experienced Dresser auto repair specialists have come up with some great car care tips to help keep your car running smoothly. We want your vehicle to be efficient, rather than have to fix a problem that could have been prevented!

Car Care Habits

  • Set tire pressures based on the manufacturer’s recommendation. This is usually found on the door placard on the driver’s doorjamb.
  • Change engine oil regularly. Modern engines do not tolerate dirty oil very well. They have small passages and intricate systems that rely on oil that is clean and full.
  • Have your battery serviced if the connections are corroded. Today’s modern vehicles have massive electrical systems that rely heavily on the battery and good, clean connections.
  • Change other fluids when recommended (oil is cheaper than a repair)
  • Clean fuel system and injectors every 30k miles for better fuel economy, quicker starts in winter, and more power.
  • Fixing items as they wear out is cheaper than ignoring it until things snowball into a large repair.